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Our story // A company with heart

Heart is at the core of everything we do, which is another way of saying people are at the center of what we do. It all started with our founder, Frank “HF” Phillips. He probably doesn’t see himself as a visionary, but we do. We also had seven employees, who probably don’t see themselves as pioneers. But they are.

Envisioning supplying retail stores with everything they needed to succeed long-term, HF merged Grand Store Equipment (founded in 1948) and Benedicts Display (founded in 1945) in 1980 to form Grand + Benedicts. First, G+B started communicating orders to Taiwan and later to China with a Telex machine, the predecessor to the fax. In the process, HF and the G+B seven pioneered overseas production without even realizing it. From then on, storeowners relied on G+B for the best of both worlds – everything from store décor like disco balls to must-have hardware.

For the past 35+ years, G+B has grown from seven employees to over 100 while transforming from a small local distributor to a global fixture manufacturer. All the while, we’ve operated from the heart. Our employees tend to stay at G+B and forge life-long friendships with clients – and each other. Whether you’re a mom-and-pop shop or a chain of national stores, G+B is dedicated to doing whatever it takes to help you succeed.