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Mannequins are widely used in apparel stores for visual merchandising. They can be seen in window displays or on the showroom floor to highlight certain items, promote sales, and most importantly attract customers.  They are often used to call attention to and sell entire outfits, giving shoppers ideas and inspiration for how they can mix and match tops and bottoms. Accessorize them with headwear, sunglasses, jewelry and to sell an entire look.
What mannequin styles do you offer and recommend for my store? 
We carry a wide selection of mannequins, display heads, dress forms and fashion forms in both male and female styles to elevate your store’s look. For an upscale look, our jersey covered dressmaker forms have an elegant touch to accent your clothing. If you’re looking for something chic, we carry glossy fiberglass mannequins. We’re also proud to offer a plus-size mannequin, or a normal size mannequin as some people call it, for a more realistic approach.
How easy is it to dress your mannequins? 
Many of our models, such as our white fiberglass female mannequin and white fiberglass male mannequin, have removable arms, hands, and legs to make changing outfits hassle free. Our glossy fiberglass mannequins also feature an arm that can be rotated for posing and to aid with changing.
I’m looking to display children clothes. What options do you have for this?
Available, we have a white headless child mannequin, toddler mannequin, and plastic toddler fashion forms
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