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What is the importance of gift wrap in retail?
The way you package your products says a lot about your brand and value. Not only does gift wrap add visual appeal to customers, but it ensures the merchandise travels safely outside your store. For example, our Kraft crinkle cut paper shred is not only a good filler for our gift boxes, but it also cushions and prevents items from moving around. Gift wrap is also an essential piece of your branding. By creating a signature wrapping style, customers will be able to identify your store whenever they see your packaging- whether it be customizing your shopping bags and gift boxes with your logo or simply color coordinating with tissue paper.
How can I customize my shopping bags and gift boxes?
All our paper shopping bags, gift boxes, and apparel boxes can be personalized with your company logo, messages, or images of your choice through custom printing or hot stamping.
What are some different ways I can use raffia ribbon?
Raffia ribbon is a versatile tool for decorating products and enhancing displays. Made from dried palm leaves of the raffia plant, the ribbon has an earthly appearance that gives a natural and subtle look. However, it can be used to create eye catching displays from its wide array of vivid colors available such as the imperial red, royal blue, and azalea pink. Because of its durable strength, it is possible to be fully fashioned unlike other ribbons. For wrapping products, it can be curled to create elegant spirals or bows or for displays, you can use raffia ribbon to hang decorations in your store window. It can even be used around the store for embellishing hang tags and other small items.
What eco-friendly options do you have?
We carry a wide variety of eco-friendly products to help you stay green. From jewelry boxes to shopping bags, crinkle cut paper shred and tissue paper, our natural Kraft products are made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper. Our glossy white option for our apparel boxes are also made of 100% recycled material and all of our wrapping tissue is made in the US with 80% postindustrial recycled raw materials. 
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