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Why do I need a showcase?

Showcase displays not only make it easy for customers to view products, but the perceived value of merchandise increases when presented in a showcase. Many of our showcases, such as our extra vision showcase and front opening showcase, come with built in lights that illuminate your merchandise beautifully and locks to prevent theft. 

What showcase styles do you offer and recommend?

For maximum floor space, we offer upright showcases that can be propped against a wall or display towers that stand tall instead of wide. To build a checkout island we have matching wrap counters, register stands, showcases, and corner units to connect everything together. We also include displays designed for exhibiting jewelry such as our black portable jewelry display case and jewelry showcase.

How will my showcase be shipped?

Many companies have a difficult time shipping showcases without breakage, but here at Grand + Benedicts we make sure to deliver your showcase in the same great condition we sent it out in.  We secure the showcase to a pallet and then build a crate around it for maximum protection. 

Should I choose assembled or ready-to-assemble showcases? 
Both options provide high quality free standing cases, but each has its own advantages. Ready-to-assemble showcases are a cost efficient choice as the displays come knocked down, lowering shipping costs. Assembled showcases are a more convenient choice as they can be used right when received. 
What features are available with the tower displays and uprights?
All showcase towers and upright cases include either a light, lock, or both. 
What is the difference between annealed and tempered glass shelves?
Grand + Benedicts carries both annealed glass shelves and tempered glass shelves for merchandising your store.  The major difference is each glass type undergoes a different processing method. Tempered glass shelves goes through a more extensive process, making it a sturdier choice. It is also a safer choice because when broken, tempered will shatter into small square pieces unlike annealed glass which will break into large jagged shards. However, annealed glass is less costly and more widely used around. 
How do I make a glass cube display? 
Select a configuration from our range of glass shelf styles available, such as quarter round glass shelves and radius corner glass shelves. Secure your glass shelves in place with either the 2-way glass connector, 3-way glass connector, or 4-way connector. To create glass doors, use a 3/16” glass hinge or 3/16" glass hasp. Finally, add plastic ticket holders to display product descriptions and pricing. 
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