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Why is glass shelving a good alternative for my store?
Glass shelves look elegant, providing a higher end look that’s fitting for jewelry and higher value merchandise. Because glass is transparent, customers are able to have a complete view of your products and when used in our lighted showcase towers and uprights, light can pass through to illuminate those products. Glass shelves can also be used on slatwall and gridwall, or on its own in a glass cube display. There are many shapes and sizes of glass shelving to choose from, and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can order any special size glass where we will happily provide a quote. However, the disadvantages in choosing glass shelving is that frequent cleaning is necessary as dust can easily be seen and it is harder to ship and move around.  
What hardware will I need for my glass shelf?
Shelf brackets are necessary for mounting any type of shelf to slatwall or gridwall, but glass shelves are more fragile and require extra support. Fortunately, any shelf bracket such as our gridwall shelf brackets or knife shelf brackets can easily become glass accessible by attaching a shelf rest on it. Shelf rests attach to the front of shelf brackets and feature rubber buttons to keep the shelf in place while preventing scratches from forming on the glass. Rubber buttons are included with all our shelf rests, but extras can be purchased as well. For slatwall, we recommend our metal slatwall bracket because it is designed specifically for glass shelves with its low profile design for a cleaner look and already included silicon bumpers.
How do I make a glass cube display? 
The beauty of designing your own glass cube display is that you are not limited in creating any shape you want. The first step in doing this is to select from our range of glass shelf styles available such as our annealed shelf glass, tempered cube glass shelves, quarter round glass shelves, or radius corner glass shelves. Secure your glass shelves in place with either the 2-way glass connector, 3-way glass connector, or 4-way connector. For glass shelves at the bottom and to give extra support, use the 3-way bottom glass connector or 4-way bottom glass connector. To create glass doors, use a 3/16” glass hinge or 3/16" glass hasp. Finally, add plastic ticket holders to display product descriptions and pricing. You can also select from one of our current configurations or refer to our assembly instructions for more ideas and assistance.

What is the difference between annealed and tempered glass shelves?
Grand + Benedicts carries both annealed glass shelves and tempered glass shelves for merchandising your store.  The major difference is each glass type undergoes a different processing method. Tempered glass shelves go through a more extensive process, making it a sturdier choice. It is also a safer choice because when broken, tempered will shatter into small square pieces unlike annealed glass which will break into large jagged shards. However, annealed glass is less costly and more widely used around.    

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