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What are the pros and cons of purchasing a steamer?
Garment steamers are quicker and safer to use on fabric than a flat iron. There’s no need for any extra set up such as bringing out an ironing board; all you need to do is press the steamer head lightly to the clothing and move it across wrinkled areas to smooth them out. Steamers also help increase sales as customers are more inclined to buy clothing that looks crisp, clean, and new. However, the cons include regular maintenance to ensure quality performance and steamers are larger to store than a flat iron.
Which steamer model should I choose?
We carry a wide selection of steamers for home, commercial, and travel use. For home and travel use, we recommend the Jiffy ESTEAM hand held steamer.  For medium duty occasional use in a commercial application the Jiffy J2 commercial garment steamer or Reliable Vivio 100GC professional steamers are good choices. Both have a quick heat up time, water capacity of 1 gallon, and easy roll casters to move around. For a heavy duty commercial use application, the Jiffy J4 deluxe steamer will do the job. This steamer is the most powerful model of Jiffy’s pro-line series with a water capacity of four quarts and 1500 watts of power. This steamer can be left on throughout the work day and provide excellent service for any pressing need.  
What’s the difference between the Reliable Vivio 100GC Professional Steamer and Jiffy Garment Steamer?
Both are excellent steamer choices; however, the main difference is the brand. Jiffy is the leading brand of retail steamers with its primary merchandise being clothing steamers, steaming products, and accessories. On the other hand, Reliable is lesser known steamer brand and carries a wider range of products on top of steamers such as sewing machines, home irons, and task lights. If you’re looking for an economical choice, the Vivio 100GC is recommended but if you’re looking for brand value, then the Jiffy garment steamer is the standard choice.
How do I care for my steamer?
Steamers are powerful and resourceful tools in the retail clothing industry, but maintenance is required to ensure quality performance. Mineral deposits in water can build up and clog your steamer so regular cleaning and rinsing is necessary. Using filtered or distilled water is highly recommended because of this, but tap water can be used as long as it is cleaned out with white vinegar and distilled water occasionally. G & B does carry a liquid cleaner which we recommend to be used every six months. Changing the water every week with fresh water will also help to ensure your steamer works properly.  
What if my steamer stops working?
All steamers also come with a manufacturer warranty for up to one year for Jiffy steamers and three years for the Reliable Vivio 100GC steamer. We sell Jiffy replacement parts that fit both the standard and heavy duty model so you can continue to use your steamer as usual as soon as possible.G & B carries replacement hoses and bottles for the Jiffy steamers.
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