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As the cannabis dispensary market continues to grow, it’s important to have the right tools to ensure your business is able to thrive and stand against competitors, while creating a positive customer base. At Grand + Benedicts, we stock an assortment of retail displays and supplies for recreational cannabis dispensaries and medical marijuana stores.
Storing marijuana properly is essential for a less harsh, more potent, and better tasting product. Our storage options are food safe containers that include glass screw top containers, Mylar bags, and glass jars to keep merchandise fresh. Screw top containers have an airtight seal and are ideal to keep the shelf life of cannabis concentrates. Mylar bags are the perfect packaging solution for distributing buds. Smell proof and a great insulator, they can be used for long term storage and to seal concentrate containers for added protection. Glass jars are highly noted as the best storage solution. Use them to display different marijuana strains and edibles.
Note that all our storage options come in a variety of sizes to accommodate different amounts of product. By having the right size choice, the overexposure of air and moisture can be prevented and the quality of the cannabis can last longer.  
Marijuana is an expensive and valuable investment so we recommend our ready-to-assemble showcases to protect and safeguard your merchandise. Shipped knocked down and assembled on site, these showcases are an economical yet efficient choice. Not only is a full frontal view of the merchandise provided, but only employees have access inside. Our round convex security mirrors also provide easy surveillance of the store floor, exposing any corners or blind spot areas.
Visual Merchandising
Just like any retail business, presentation is key. Create an open, friendly environment by combining a variety of retail displays such as our acrylic countertop display or glass countertop display. By focusing the display around the countertop, it will create a focal point for customer interaction. Customers will be able to explore all their options, while being able to ask any questions before making their purchase. When a purchase is made, our colorful cub paper shopping bags or recycled Kraft bags are great for packaging.
Always be sure to check for your state regulations.