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Boltless Shelving or backroom shelving is frequently used in retail for storage rooms and mezzanine applications. Boltless Shelving keeps the back/storage room neat and organized while maximizing space.
Why Boltless Shelving over other shelving applications?
Made of 14-gauge steel, Boltless Shelving is strong and sturdy. If you are looking for a long-term storage solution that survives years of wear and tear, Boltless Shelving is a good choice. Boltless Shelving is, just like it sounds, made with a boltless construction and assembles in minutes. Besides a
rubber mallet, the assembly is essentially free of tools and hardware. Fully adjustable and sold in a variety of sizes, Boltless Shelving is made to fit a wide range of spaces.
What are the components in boltless shelving?

Boltless Shelving consists of two different types of posts: the
heavy duty Angle Post and the Tee Post. The Angle Post is used for standard shelving applications and where strength and durability is a requirement. The Tee Post is primarily used for add-on units (connecting multiple shelving units) and gives you the option of arranging economical rows of shelving.
Beams consist of a
Double-Rivet and a Single-Rivet version. Unlike the posts, the Beams run horizontally and keep the shelving unit in place. They also serve as shelf support. The Double-Rivet Beam is required at the top and the bottom of the shelving unit, but it’s also used as a high-capacity shelf support. The Double-Rivet Beam holds up to 1,250 lbs. The Single-Rivet Beams are used as shelf support and hold up to 250 lbs.
How can I add additional support?
For added support and stability, we recommend connecting the fronts and backs of the Double-Rivet Beams together with
Tie support. To supply additional support, select Tie Plates that connect the posts together and Foot Plates to secure the posts to the floor.
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