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Gridwall is one of the most economical ways to merchandise a store. Due to its portable nature and flexibility to display it freestanding, Gridwall also works well for showcasing merchandise at shows. Setting up Grid panel legs, a Gondola base, a pinwheel dolly or a triangle dolly, Gridwall can be configured to be freestanding.
What accessories are available with Gridwall?
There are a multitude of accessories available for Gridwall that also work interchangeably with Slatwall. Choose from
Hooks, Baskets, Literature Holders, Shelves, Hat Racks, Hangrails and much more.
Can I order custom size Gridwall to fit my space?
For a nominal fee, we can cut the Gridwall for you.
What’s the difference between Gridwall and Slatgrid, and why should I choose one over the other?
In addition to a different grid pattern between Gridwall and
Slatgrid, some accessories only work with one or the other. We turned most of our accessories into multi-fit that can be used interchangeably with Slatwall, Gridwall and Slatgrid. As a general rule, most Slatwall hardware can be used with Slatgrid.
How do I mount Gridwall to a wall?
Gridwall can be mounted directly to the wall using wall brackets to
400 series standards using Grid Hangers or to Slatwall with a Slat-to-Gridwall Hanger. To secure longer runs of Gridwall, we recommend joining them with Grid Clips.

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