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Gondola Shelving, Retail Shelving and Metal Shelving are different names for this workhorse of a display system. Gondola Shelving, which is what the industry calls it, is a multi-functional display system that’s easily adjustable for changing display needs. There are two main brands of Gondola Shelving, Lozier and Madix. We carry Lozier, which is favored by the industry. Primarily used in grocery/drug, convenience, pet/feed stores, liquor stores and in many thrift stores, Gondola Shelving consists of 2-way facing island units and wall units. Gondola Shelving is commonly sold in 3’-4’ wide sections.

What are the components of Gondola Shelving?
The long list of Gondola components can be overwhelming:
Uprights, Panel Boards, Rails, Base Brackets, Base Fronts, Base Decks, Base-end Trims, Base-end Trims and Shelves.
What colors can I choose between?
Grand + Benedicts is one of the largest distributors of Lozier Gondola shelving in the country. We stock four different colors of Gondola: platinum, silver, white and black.
What are my options for Back Boards?
Pegboard, Unpunched Board and Slatwall are available. We stock precut Pegboard to fit Gondola and have the ability to custom cut Slatwall.
How do I order Gondola?
Due to the large number of components, ordering Gondola Shelving online can be complex. The most efficient way to order is to first determine how many feet you are looking for and have an expert help specify the components. Give us a call at 800.547.7005 or email us. We will write up a quote for you. Be ready to provide:
-Island or wall application?
-Color (platinum, silver, white or black)
-Number of feet (3’-4’ sections)
-Height (48”-96”)
-Choice of backboard (pegboard, unpunched board or slatwall)
How do I prevent merchandise from falling off the shelves?
We sell three different solutions to keep the merchandise in place:
Inter-locking Wire Fencing, Free-Standing Wire Fencing and Acrylic Fencing. With Interlocking Wire Fencing, baskets are created on your shelves with Fronts and Dividers. It’s ideal to prevent merchandise from falling off forward-tilting shelves. Freestanding Fencing also consists of Fronts and Dividers. The difference is Freestanding Fencing gives you the option to use the Side Dividers without the Fronts and make the merchandise more easily accessible to the customer. The Clear Acrylic Fencing provides greater product visibly.

How long does it take to get the Gondola Shelving?
Since we stock Gondola, it usually only takes 2-3 days (depending on order size and shipping time).
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