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What are Concealed or Recessed Standards?
Concealed or Recessed Standards are a more upscale version of the Wall Standard. Just like it sounds, the system is recessed into the wall. While Concealed or Recessed Standards provide a high-end look to the store, it needs to be installed during a new construction or a remodel.

Why should I choose Wall Standards?

Known for their strength and durability,
Wall Standards are designed to hold heavy loads. As long as the standards are anchored properly to the wall, they are capable of holding an incredible amount of weight. With its universal fit, Wall Standards easily accommodate new accessories that can be switched out as merchandise changes.
What’s the difference between 400, 700 and 800 series Hardware?
400 series Hardware is medium duty and designed for general-purpose displays. The 700 series Hardware is extra heavy duty, designed to display heavier merchandise and in many backroom applications. The 800 series Hardware is heavy duty, designed for higher-weight capacity that requires more durable hardware.
When to use Single Slot Standards versus Double Slot?
Most applications can use
Single-Slot Standards, but some people choose Double Slot for increased flexibility. Double-Slot Standards are a heavy duty version of the 400 series and are used for heavier applications. It can also be used for longer runs of wall standards when you need to suspend shelves or hang rails at the same height.
What accessories are available for Wall Standards?
Depending on what items you need to merchandise, there are a wide variety of accessories to choose from for Wall Standards including:
Shelf Brackets, Hang Rail Brackets, Faceouts and Waterfalls.
What options do I have for a shelving application?
If you are going to merchandise with
glass shelves, choose 400 series Knife Brackets. Or, to merchandise with wooden shelves, go with 400 series Flange Brackets. The 700 and 800 series Shelf Brackets are available in a deeper, heavy duty version and a more space-efficient bracket recommended for glass shelves. Don’t forget the shelf clips and shelf rests for added support.
What options do I have for hanging applications?
Faceouts and Waterfalls can be hung directly from Wall Standards.
Round and Rectangular Hang Rods can also be suspended between the standards using brackets.
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